Template2pdf is ment to be used by a computer system. If you are not a programmer, all this might be confusing to you.
Are you looking for something that humans can use?
Head over to my other project Datajones - document generation!

Reasons to use this template to pdf solution:

  • The end-user will be happy, since he can create or modify pdf layouts himself.
  • The software developer (you!?) will be happy. Your job is not much more than to send a hash and fetch the generated document.
    Best is: you won't need to do boring layout changes. :)
  • The business owner (you!?) will be happy since generated documents finally do look professional and as expected. Development costs go down, your programmer is happy and your end users will stop complaining about pdf generation.


  • Support for header, footer, page numbering and all the nice stuff that modern text processing offers.
  • Long tables will break as expected.
  • Not limited to text. Embedding of images is also possible.
  • Utilize the graphing capabilities of OpenOffice/LibreOffice