Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I tell my users? I don't want to make it complicated.

Using template2pdf is easy - everybody trained in using Word-applications can do it! The users simply need to know how to insert the keys necessary to fill their template with content.

1) Normal substitution:
You will provide them will a list of keys you want to use.
All they need to add to their LibreOffice/OpenOffice template is a key like [[firstname]] wherever they want to add firstname etc.

2) Lists:
Template2pdf is able to fill tables with lists.
All the users need to do is identify that a table row is meant to be replicated and populated with a list. This identifications are called 'list-keys'. Whenever template2pdf sees a list-key inside a template, it assumes that the table-row where the list-key is found is meant to be replicated.
You as the programmer just need to decide on a list key and provide the correct json data. Your users need to know that they have to write the list-key inside the table row that you want to fill.

In this example, the list key is defined as 'items'. Run the command-line code to see it in action.

But I have a list of items for my invoice. Does that work?

Yes! Part of the reason why I wrote this software is that I needed to include multiple items into an invoice while easily achiving a neat linebreak, a header at the top, a footer at the bottom and page numbering.

One of my template-keys is not working. What is wrong?

Remove it and add it again. If this does not help, please contact me.